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HGG professionals are experienced at preparing litigation support and presenting expert testimony for local and high profile cases. We have extensive experience in forensic science and litigation support including water rights, groundwater contamination and toxic tort, and in presenting expert testimony before administrative bodies.

HGG professionals understand complex technical issues and can clearly translate and present them in understandable concepts and language before courts and in administrative hearing bodies of numerous states. Our clients have been pleased with our grasp of the issues, our ability to bring forward the critical points, and our ability to thrive under the rigors of cross-examination. We can explain technical issues to clients and attorneys, suggest strategies and presentations, and provide testimony that will promote the most favorable outcome consistent with the facts.

Our expert testimony has been used to facilitate mine and water rights permitting applications, to support project proponents, to defend industry in groundwater contamination issues, to support plaintiffs in toxic tort and water rights litigation, and to prepare and defend government natural resource regulations. Our mining-specific litigation experience includes alleged property and resource damages related to pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, milling, concentrating and calcining and often involves reconstruction of historical activities. We have been leading witnesses in such high profile cases as the so-called Erin Brockovich Toxic Tort Case (Cr+6 contamination), the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) Great Basin interbasin transfer application, and the Honeywell chrome processing waste disposal action in Jersey City, NJ. We have provided field data acquisition to support landmark Superfund cases, such as the Hardage-Criner (Oklahoma) NPL site remediation, and we have coordinated and interpreted complex laboratory investigations involving multiple commercial testing facilities. Our clients include cities, counties, public utilities, corporate land and resource owners, mining/milling, smelting, chemical processing and related industries, and law firms representing these entities.