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Waste storage and contamination Waste storage and contamination Waste storage and contamination Waste storage and contamination Waste storage and contamination

Waste Storage & Contamination

Hazardous/ Radiochemical and Mixed Waste Storage and Contamination, Tailings Disposal, Waste rock characterization, Plume characterization

Waste Storage & Contamination

HGG professionals are experienced in the characterization of waste storage and contamination, including waste rock performance predictions, hard rock mine inflows and discharges, and fate and transport of heavy metals.

HGG professionals have decades of experience characterizing a wide range of waste generation, waste storage, and associated ground water contamination issues. At mines and mills in the U.S. and South America we have quantified the potential for waste rock dumps, mill tailings, pit lakes, and underground mines to produce acid and non-acid leachate in hard rock and sedimentary rock environments. We are experienced in characterizing and monitoring domestic landfill plumes, tailing leachate, leaking evaporation ponds, hazardous waste disposal facilities including low level nuclear waste, mixed waste, and organic disposal.

HGGs' geologists, hydrogeologists and geochemists work in concert employing a full range of analytical tools to evaluate contaminant sources, contaminant evolution and contaminant sinks. HGG professionals are well versed in the use of sophisticated geochemical modeling codes such as PHREEQC and the Geochemists Workbench, are adept in the application of isotopic geochemistry, are experienced in the development of analytical and numerical solute and contaminant transport models, and are expert in statistical analysis, data management, and 3-d visualization.

HGG experience in characterizing point and non-point hazardous waste generation and groundwater contamination includes:

  • TCE and perchlorate plumes in California and Florida
  • Tailings heavy metal and acid generation in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico
  • Nitrate plumes in the Czech Republic, Utah, and New Mexico
  • Domestic landfill plumes in Colorado, and Utah
  • Radioactive and mixed waste plumes in Utah, New Mexico, and California
  • SO4 contamination in Utah and New Mexico
  • Se, As, Hg, Cd, Mo and other heavy metal contamination in Bolivia, Mexico, California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and Idaho
  • Cr plumes in California
  • Oil refinery, oil storage and natural gas spills in Louisiana, New Mexico, and Utah
  • Evaporation pond plumes in California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico
  • Pit lake acid generation and associated plumes in Utah, Idaho, Nevada
  • Mill tailings plumes in Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, and Nevada