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Energy & Utilities

Petroleum Extraction and Refining, Siting, Water Supply, Impact Analyses, Research & Development

Energy & Utilities

HGG offers a wide range of hydrogeological expertise to service the Energy Sector in exploration, siting and permitting, impact analysis, regulatory support and due diligence.

HGG professionals have extensive experience assisting energy and utility clients in resolving complex hydrogeologic issues. Our training and experience allows us to employ a full range of analytical tools and to develop and analyze all data sources: physical hydrogeology, solute and isotopic geochemistry, trace metal and organic constituents, aquifer analysis, data management and statistical analysis, numerical flow and solute transport modeling, and 3-d visualization.

We have assisted clients in solving groundwater related problems at natural gas fields, oil refineries, power plants, natural gas compressor stations, and coal storage facilities. In Wyoming we evaluated groundwater contamination at a major natural gas field. In Nevada we designed, permitted and oversaw the construction of water supply test wells, and we constructed a complex numerical groundwater flow model that was used to evaluate the availability of groundwater needed for the construction and operation of a proposed coal fired power plant. In Louisiana we investigated the extent of oil refinery groundwater contamination. In Idaho we evaluated a major geothermal field. In New Mexico we helped defend a major power plant against a groundwater contamination lawsuit, and in California we evaluated evaporation pond leakage and groundwater contamination at natural gas compressor stations.

HGG provides the following services to energy industries:
  • Water supply well design, sitting, and construction
  • Groundwater monitoring design and analysis
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Geothermal exploration
  • Coal storage and tailings leachate
  • Evaporation pond and canal leakage
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Peer review
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Due diligence