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Mining and Mineral Processing

Early-Stage Permitting, Feasibility Studies, Characterization, Geochemistry, Mine Planning, and Modeling

Mining and Mineral Processing

HGG offers holistic solutions for the mining and mineral-processing sectors, combining general geology, economic geology of ore deposits, aqueous environmental geochemistry, hydrogeology, and modern and historic mining techniques.

HGG has years of worldwide experience providing geologic and hydrogeologic services to the base metal, precious metal, industrial mineral and coal mining and processing industries. Our collective involvement spans the entire life cycle of modern commercial mines from discovery through post-operational remediation, and brings broad expertise to expedite permitting, support proactive mine design, minimize environmental impacts and costs, and address regulatory compliance. In addition, we are well-positioned to handle legacy mining situations where knowledge of historical mining, milling and ore processing techniques is critical for understanding current conditions, interpreting risks and planning site remediation.

Our professionals combine experience in mineral deposit exploration and development, ore body characterization, reserve calculation and quantification (including VULCAN modeling), mining methods, ore grade control, waste rock and processing waste characterization, design of waste rock dumps and tailings-storage facilities, water rights and water supply development, as well as groundwater and vadose zone flow system characterization including contaminants of concern, and the geochemistry of acid rock drainage generation and other mining-influenced water issues.

These combined skill sets aid our clients in designing proactive environmental baseline and drill- hole based rock and water data collection systems in anticipation of permitting requirements, recognizing and managing conditions with potential long-term liabilities, optimizing elements of mine design such as waste rock dumps, pit highwalls and tailings deposition to account for hydrologic and geochemical realities. We specialize in modeling of potential and existing on- and off-site groundwater contamination, the preparation of probable hydrologic consequences (PHC), the design of waste rock characterization programs, the creation of accurate water quality databases and the review of interdisciplinary models such as those for pit lake and waste dump evolution and heap-leach and tailings drain-down.