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HGG Core Technical Services

HGG Global Services
  • Modeling & Visualization

    Modeling & Visualization

    Block Modeling, Geologic Modeling, Groundwater Flow & Fate and Transport, Automated Workflows, Advanced Visualization and Animations

    HGG responds to the need in applied sciences to simulate and visualize multifaceted problems using state-of-the-art technology and hardware, thus avoiding the profound implications for clients and their projects when complex data is misconstrued.

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  • Geochemistry


    Trace Metal, Solute and Isotopic, and Organic Geochemical Analysis and Modeling

    HGG understands the critical and often-overlooked roles of trace metal, inorganic and organic constituent, and stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry (groundwater ages) in fully evaluating groundwater flow systems.

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  • Water Rights

    Water Rights

    Basin-Scale Groundwater Adjudication,Title Abstracts, Applications to Appropriate and Change Applications, Mapping

    HGG provides highly-trained personnel who are recognized experts in navigating the water rights permitting process on behalf of our clients.

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  • GIS & Data Management

    GIS & Data Management

    Spatial Analysis, Geostatistical Analysis, Database Design and Implementation, Data Migration, Subsurface Modeling, Terrain and Watershed Analysis

    HGG offers innovative GIS and web-based solutions to enhance data transfer, management and analysis for all its clients including automated workflows, animations, custom application design, intranet web applications, and front-end development.

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  • Oversight, Training, & Lectures

    Oversight, Training, & Lectures

    Well Design, Monitoring and Sampling Programs, Aquifer Testing, Construction and Mine Dewatering, Well Abandonments and Rehabilitation

    HGG provides a full complement of well design, construction management, training and oversight services to enhance the quality of information gained from site investigations.

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