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HGG Global Services

HGG Core Technical Services
  • Groundwater System Analysis

    Groundwater System Analysis

    Aquifer Characterization, Impact Analysis, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Numerical Flow Modeling, Feasibility Studies, Permitting, Dewatering Design Support, Hydrogeochemical Modeling and Visualization

    At HGG we provide our clients with a full range of services that enables us to evaluate and resolve complex groundwater issues.

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  • Groundwater Supply Development and Monitoring

    Groundwater Supply Development and Monitoring

    Dewatering of Pits and Underground Workings, Geochemical Modeling of Produced Water, Numerical Flow Modeling, Age-Dating, Geochemical Analysis, Well Design

    HGG professionals are expert at analyzing, developing and monitoring all aspects of groundwater supply resources.

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  • Water Resource Evaluation and Management

    Water Resource Evaluation and Management

    Baseline Water Quality Characterization, Feasibility Studies, Early Stage Permitting, Aquifer Storage and Recovery, Water Banking, Conjunctive Use Planning, Sustainable Yield

    The protection and sustainability of earth’s natural resources are an essential element of HGG’s business model.

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  • Waste Management & Remediation Support

    Waste Management & Remediation Support

    Integration of Ore Deposit Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Prediction of Waste Rock Behavior, Mechanics of Subaqueous and Sub-aerial Tailings Deposition, Impact Analysis, Modeling and Visualization.

    Successful designs and the construction and operation of waste management systems and facilities require input from a wide range disciplines.

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