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Oversight, Training, & Lectures

Well Design, Monitoring and Sampling Programs, Aquifer Testing, Construction and Mine Dewatering, Well Abandonments and Rehabilitation

Oversight, Training, & Lectures

HGG provides a full complement of well design, construction management, training and oversight services to enhance the quality of information gained from site investigations.

HGG educates the public on topics such as well design and construction throughout the country and provides technical oversight in areas including the characterization of groundwater contamination from underground nuclear weapons testing, large scale drilling projects and all phases of field operations that support mining and natural resources investigations.

HGG's technical expertise and experience with various methods of drilling and testing is valuable for conducting investigations to identify water resources that meet production and water quality requirements. We work directly with our clients to meet the common objective of achieving the most cost-effective and environmentally sound resource development, utilizing the latest tools and standards to complete our projects.

Our well drilling protocol provides the basis for most of our projects involving the management of water well drilling contractors. Mr. Dixon of HGG has developed this protocol and has adapted many of the principles in a Nevada Water Association short course and manual available at http://www.nvwra.org/nwra_resources/

HGG provides a full complement of well design, construction management, and testing services specializing in the following service areas:

Well Design (Water Exploration, Production, Dewatering and Monitoring)
  • Contract Drilling Technical Specifications (for bidding and contract purposes)
  • Logging and assessment of drill cuttings and drilling conditions for field adjustments to designs as necessary
  • Interpretation of geophysical data and zone flow testing (spinners and dye-injection tracing) for optimal screen and pump placement
  • Recommendations for aquifer stimulation for increased well yield
Aquifer Testing
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of aquifer tests to quantify hydraulic properties and characterize groundwater conditions
  • Assessment of aquifer testing results for incorporation into larger hydrogeologic investigations involving conceptual and numerical modeling
  • Capture zone analysis in support of wellhead protection programs and safe-yield analyses
Construction and Mine Dewatering
  • Recommendations for design and operational criteria to achieve required drawdown with optimized well field operation
Well Abandonments and Rehabilitation
  • Recommendations for existing well evaluation
  • Analysis of hydraulic test data, and historical monitoring and water quality data to determine necessity and approach for well rehab or plugging