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Water Resource Evaluation and Management

Baseline Water Quality Characterization, Feasibility Studies, Early Stage Permitting, Aquifer Storage and Recovery, Water Banking, Conjunctive Use Planning, Sustainable Yield

Water Resource Evaluation and Management

The protection and sustainability of earth’s natural resources are an essential element of HGG’s business model.

HGG provides a full range of groundwater water resource evaluation and management services. Mining impacts to surface water and groundwater resources for domestic and agricultural uses are typically the first concerns to be raised when a new or expanded mining operation is proposed. Consequently, the single most important aspect of many mine permit applications is typically water supply quantity and quality. Specifically, water diversion, consumption by processing plants, contamination by dump runoff, tailings seepage, underground or pit discharges, and leakage of processing chemicals are regulatory focuses.

A holistic approach is necessary in the planning of a meaningful baseline water quality characterization, both from the standpoint of environmental protection and protecting a mining or industrial operation from undeserved liability. Baseline monitoring programs for mining operations must consider all prior mining disturbances, all potential contaminants (regardless of regulation status), existing regulatory statues and necessary detection limits, regional and local natural metal enrichments, historic and artisanal mining and processing techniques, and the possibility of chronic environmentally-related health issues of related populations.

Baseline water quality characterization is an essential element of municipal water supply projects, consumptive use programs, water banking, and overall regional water supply. For water purveyors and municipalities, the two most common objectives are to improve the long-term sustainability of their water supply while preserving the quality of their underlying resource. Many are in the process of exploring conjunctive use as a management tool to protect the quality and maintain the long-term sustainability of their resource. Water banking is becoming more attractive as a stimulus to the economic stability of their region. Water transfers and water rights are also a critical component of the management of water resources.

HGG technical professionals are versed in areas of geochemistry, hydrogeology, well design, modeling and visualization. HGG strengths are most apparent in our specialized services that can be pooled together to effectively evaluate the spectrum of technical skills that are required for any successful water resources evaluation and management project.

HGG technical specialists can effectively serve you in the following water resource evaluation and management areas:

Feasibility Studies/ Permitting
  • Development of Planning Documents
  • Environmental Baseline Monitoring Programs
  • Regulatory Support
  • Subsurface Characterization
  • Groundwater Characterization
  • Surface Water/Groundwater Investigations
  • Water Supply Development
  • Regulatory Support
  • Early-Stage Permitting
  • Mitigation Design
Supply and Management of Resources
  • Hydrology and Water Quality Investigations in Surface Water Systems
  • Groundwater/ Surface Water Interactions
  • Characterization of Geological/Hydrological/Geochemical Systems
  • Numerical Flow Modeling
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Conjunctive Use Planning
  • Water Banking
  • Recharge Investigations
  • Sustainable Yield
  • Surface Water/ Groundwater Interactions
  • Rainfall Runoff Estimates
Watershed Delineation
  • Groundwater Budget Analysis
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Conceptual Model Development