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Groundwater Supply Development and Monitoring

Dewatering of Pits and Underground Workings, Geochemical Modeling of Produced Water, Numerical Flow Modeling, Age-Dating, Geochemical Analysis, Well Design

Groundwater Supply Development and Monitoring

HGG professionals are expert at analyzing, developing and monitoring all aspects of groundwater supply resources.

For mine sites this experience is applied to dewatering of pits and underground workings and identifying groundwater supplies with adequate quantity and quality for processing.

Geochemical monitoring of produced water quality is key to determining the short- and long-term usability of a groundwater source for mineral and chemical processing, and the requirements for treatment. Coupling water quality with aquifer mineralogy via computer-based modeling can inform the long-term stability of groundwater quality.

Aquifer characterization numerical modeling, age-dating, geochemical analysis, and well design assists in an intelligent and defensible quantification of groundwater abstraction which is central to permitting and water-rights issues related to mining, agriculture, industry and urbanization.

HGG combines core technical services to assist in all phases of groundwater supply development and monitoring. Our geochemistry and hydrogeology backgrounds provide a basis to properly characterize the groundwater system to allow us to formulate an understanding of the system being analyzed. This provides us the foundation to build a conceptual model to support quantifying the resources and establishing an understanding of the sources and migration pathways of these resources. Our modeling and visualization team builds tools and visualizations to assist in the evaluation and analysis of water resources and potential impacts to both surface water and groundwater systems. Combining modeling and data analysis with the proper well construction design and monitoring plan will maximize the return on investments and resources. We utilize our numerical modeling tools to help our clients design the most efficient systems, increasing return in investments while minimizing impacts to the environment. Our water rights specialists assist in the acquisition of the resources and permitting.

Once these steps have successfully been accomplished, we follow up with support in designing the most efficient monitoring programs, assisting in the development of a monitoring plan that will allocate resources most efficiently to provide the information necessary to develop the support and acceptance from regulators interest groups, and the general public.

HGG expertise in the following areas forms a core of experience that can deliver a qualified analysis of groundwater resources to assist in acquisition of your water supply needs.

Water supply Evaluation
  • Numerical Flow Modeling
  • Capture Zone Analyses
  • Geochemical Modeling
  • Water Balance Modeling
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • In-lieu Recharge
  • Sustainable Yield
  • Enhanced Groundwater Recharge
  • Water Banking
  • Conjunctive Use
  • Wellhead Protection Support
  • Evaluation of Resource and Long-Term Yields
Dewatering Design and Oversight
  • Dewatering Modeling
  • System Design Criteria
  • Hydrogeological Investigations
  • Oversight and Assistance
  • Regulatory Support
  • Landfill Modeling
  • In-pit and underground monitoring and alarm systems
Well design, construction oversight, and well analysis
  • Drilling Specifications and Well Design
  • Geophysical Survey Interpretation
  • Pump and Aquifer Test Evaluation
  • Drilling Oversight
  • Well Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Well Monitoring and Testing
  • Installation, monitoring and testing of drains
Water Supply Permitting
  • Water Rights Surveys
  • Water Rights Permitting
  • Water Rights Inventory
  • Siting and Permitting