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Water Rights

Basin-Scale Groundwater Adjudication,Title Abstracts, Applications to Appropriate and Change Applications, Mapping

Water Rights

HGG provides highly-trained personnel who are recognized experts in navigating the water rights permitting process on behalf of our clients.

In the western U.S., fresh water supplies are typically a scarce resource. As a result, the right to place water to beneficial use is often governed by complex laws and requirements that can significantly affect the planning of any project that utilizes water resources. Many western states, particularly in the Southwest, manage water based on the prior appropriation doctrine, or "first in time - first in right". While some unique variables exists among the states, within the framework of this doctrine the four universal and essential elements always include Intent, Diversion, Beneficial Use and Priority.

HGG water rights specialists are accomplished in many areas of expertise, including services for:

Basin-Scale Groundwater Adjudication - vested rights determination with supporting research, historical data review and correspondence with State Engineers' or Division of Water Resources Offices.

Title Abstracts and Summaries - water rights ownership (title), review and documentation for acquisition, pre-and post-transfer records research.

Applications to Appropriate and Change Applications - permit filings per statutory requirements of the Division of Water Resources, tracking through permitting and certification processes, government agency coordination, documentation recommendations for Proofs (Proof - of - Completion and Beneficial Use) pertaining to the perfection of water rights.

Mapping - preparation of supporting maps to establish and describe Point-of-Diversion and Place-of-Use (with State-certified Engineers or Surveyors when required), preparation of cultural maps for establishing Proof-of-Beneficial Use, GIS-based mapping for analysis of existing water rights.