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Michelle SmilowitzView Profile

CEO & President

Ms. Smilowitz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of HydroGeo Group.

Ms. Smilowitz earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Pennsylvania and is responsible for routine operations of HydroGeo Group and the evolution of the corporate vision. Ms. Smilowitz is accountable for business development, growth, and overall progress of its team members. She leads the team in both direction and vision.

Ms. Smilowitz also oversees the Technical Services Department. Her expertise is in the application of advanced computer modeling, visualization, and data analysis. Ms. Smilowitz's project experience includes litigation support, EIS support, subsurface characterization, stratigraphic modeling, geologic modeling, block modeling, groundwater modeling, and fate and transport analyses. Other experience includes source delineation, remediation support, aquifer storage and recovery, automated workflows and advanced visualization.

Ms. Smilowitz is accountable for the standards and integrity expected from all team members and ensures that each and every client receives superior deliverables, attentive to both schedule and budget.

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Alan L. Mayo, Ph.D., R.G, P.H., PGView Profile

CTO & Vice President

Alan Mayo

Alan Mayo is the Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of HydroGeo Group. Dr. Mayo specializes in hydrogeology and has 30+ years experience in coal and hard rock mining operations, mine permitting, environmental analysis, water supplies, groundwater contamination, and litigation. Dr. Mayo has also held teaching and research positions at the University of Idaho, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and at Brigham Young University, where he is currently a professor. Dr. Mayo has been an HEW Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. His research interests include mountain and basin hydrogeology, and hydrogeochemisty. His current research includes work on the incipient origin of canyons, groundwater flux variably in response to climate change, and self-organizing thermal springs in batholithic terrain.

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Ronald L. Schmiermund, Ph.D.View Profile

Senior Associate

Ron Schmiermund

Dr. Schmiermund is a Senior Associate for HydroGeo Group and has 30+ years of experience in the application of geochemistry to all phases of the mining and mineral-processing industries, chemical manufacturing, petroleum extraction and refining, hazardous/ radiochemical and mixed waste storage and contamination, and various methods of remediation. These applications have involved geochemical modeling, laboratory analysis and customized experimental design, field mapping and sampling, research and development directed at sampling methods and in-situ measurements as well as data analysis and reporting. Other experiences include designing and teaching graduate-level courses in environmental aqueous chemistry.

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